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Hi! We are Brandon, Aaron and Poppy. We are so thankful that you have taken interest in learning more about us. We hope this profile will give you a glimpse into what kind of people and parents we are. 

Our love story began in 2013 when we both decided to try our luck with online dating. Both skeptical, little did we know that we would hit the jackpot on our first date with one another.  And as they say the rest is history...  

What brought us together was our love of life, our shared goals and our desire of having a family. After a few years of dating, Aaron pulled out all of the stops to surprise Brandon with a romantic proposal in front of the New York City skyline. We were married in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2016 surrounded by our friends and family. Shortly after marriage, we couldn't wait to begin our happily ever after and first on the list was building the family we'd always dreamed of. In July of 2017 we welcomed our daughter, Poppy, through adoption and she has been the light of our lives.

From the day we met we have dreamed of having a family with multiple children. We have always known that building our family through adoption was the right fit for us and that there was a plan bigger than us to bring everything and everyone together. Poppy can't wait to be a big sister and we can't wait to welcome a new child into our family.  

Brandon was raised in a very small town in East Texas with a huge family. I love hearing Brandon tell stories of his childhood, where his family had a farm with cows and they lived the small town life. I admire him so much and how he worked hard to go to college (he was the first in his family to go) and move to the big city.  

Brandon earned his Master’s degree in education and works as the Director of Talent, Inclusion and Diversity for a major company here in the Dallas area. His work is his passion and he is very good at it. He works every day to help his company create an inclusive and diverse work environment that values all people. 

Brandon has a strong passion for education and I see that come through in his parenting. He is always working with Poppy by creating fun, educational games or flashcards to learn new things. Brandon is kind, gentle, and a great listener. He can be silly which Poppy loves – her favorite is when we throw a living room dance party and the whole family gets in on the fun.

Aaron grew up in a small town in Kansas and is a great example of “Midwestern values.” After high school, Aaron graduated with his Master’s degree in business from the University of Kansas. We are big Kansas basketball fans and attend a game every year. Go Jayhawks! Aaron now has a successful career as a finance manager with a large corporation here in the DFW area.  

One thing I love about Aaron is his infectious laugh. Whenever we go see a funny movie, everyone in the theater laughs at Aaron laughing. He makes everyone around him happy. He is also a handyman and my go-to Mr. Fix It! Aaron takes his yard work seriously and is known for having one of the nicest lawns in the neighborhood.

When it comes to children, Aaron is the best. He is a natural caregiver. All of our nieces and nephews love Uncle Aaron and especially love that he makes playing games so fun. Aaron always puts our family first. He adores Poppy and it has been such a joy seeing him as a father.  He is loving, nurturing, caring and patient. Aaron’s heart is so big and I know welcoming a new child into our lives will only magnify that love. 

It was April 2017 when we received word that we had been matched to a baby girl that was due any day. It was an exciting time as we prepared to be parents and meet our birth mom and birth dad. In July 2017, we received a call in the middle of the night that Poppy was born, so we quickly loaded our things to make the three-hour trip to the hospital to be with her. We fell in love with parenthood immediately and were fortunate to have parental leave from our jobs that allowed us to spend four months at home with her before transitioning to daycare.

Poppy is a happy, loving and intelligent 2.5-year-old that is full of life. She is very social. We go on regular walks around our neighborhood and Poppy waves and speaks to everyone we pass. She is obsessed with princesses, purses and accessories! We think she gets that from her Grandmother who is always buying her bracelets! Poppy’s birthmom is part Chickasaw Indian and we love sharing about her background and her adoption story with her.

Poppy talks all of the time about having a brother or sister. She shows people that come visit the “baby’s room” and says how she’ll teach them “how to color” and to “read books at bedtime.”  When asked if she wants a sister or a brother, she says both depending on the day, so we know she’ll be happy with either!

We had always had a dream of building our own home and in 2019 that dream finally became a reality. Built for holidays, rowdy children, and the gathering of our family and friends, our home has plenty of room for children to grow.  

One of the most important decisions that we made when building our home was selecting the neighborhood where we would live. We are fortunate to be surrounded by many other families that we have become close with. We join our neighbors in activities like holiday gatherings, pool parties, chili cook offs and birthday parties. There are always lots of neighborhood children playing together.  

One of our favorite community events is Halloween, when everyone sets up for the evening in their driveway and welcomes each family. We also have a “snow day” event, where we bring in man-made snow and let the children slide and have snowball fights. Our neighborhood is diverse - every race, background and family type is represented.  

We have a lot of pride in the community where we live. Our suburb, north of Dallas, is known for its highly-rated schools, which is what led us to move here. Never short on family-friendly activities, we have so many options for going to live sporting events, waterparks and tons of parks and playgrounds.  

Each new season is a special time for our family to enjoy many of our traditions and fun activities.  

Spring: Easter in the Park is our yearly tradition that includes a pooch parade and Easter egg hunt. We meet many of our friends and family, bring food and have lots of fun.  

Summer: Every summer we attend our city’s Fourth of July fireworks show.  Aaron’s family always comes to visit during this time and celebrate Poppy’s birthday! We spend a lot of time grilling outdoors and hanging out in the pool. 

Fall: Each fall, we make a trip as a family to the local pumpkin patch. We pull Poppy around in a wagon and find the perfect pumpkin to put outside our house. We also get involved with one of our favorite charities, Teddy Bear Party, where we donate teddy bears to children that are ill at our local children’s hospital. Football season is our favorite for sports!

Winter: Christmas is a magical time of year in our family. One of our favorite traditions is visiting Brandon’s family in Oklahoma and seeing one of the biggest Christmas light displays. When the grandparents visit us at Christmas, we take a horse-drawn carriage ride to view the lights.

Travel is also a passion of ours. We have visited many places as a family – some of our favorite places have been California, the beaches in Mexico and New York City.  

We can’t wait to share all of these traditions, and create new ones, with another child. 

We are blessed to have unconditional love and support from our families. They can’t wait for us to welcome another child and are excited to be grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews.

Brandon comes from a very large family. He has five brothers, three sisters, and 13 nieces and nephews. Brandon’s mother, step-father and two sisters (and their children) live in Oklahoma where we travel frequently to take in one of our nephew’s soccer games or attend a family get-together. Brandon’s father and step-mother live two hours away in East Texas and are ready to be grandparents again. Brandon’s family gets together every year for a reunion where we share food and fun. The kids have a blast! Aaron has one brother, one sister, and five nieces and nephews. His parents live in Kansas and visit us often. Aaron’s brother, sister-in-law and nephew live near us in the DFW area.  

Our family is diverse in nationality/ethnicity, disabilities and culture. Our nephew, Dayren, was adopted from Kazakhstan when he was three and he and Poppy share a special bond. We have experienced the love and joy adoption can bring the entire family.  

It means the world to us that you have taken the time to learn more about us. We desire so much to be parents to another child and to share the love of our family. 

We appreciate the selfless and difficult decision you are making. If we are fortunate enough to be chosen as the parents of your child, it is our wish that we give them the love, support and guidance to be everything they want to be in life. We have worked hard together to create a life full of love, adventure, and joy. We want to share all of those things with your child. A life of travel, educational opportunities, strong family support and always unconditional love. 

For Poppy’s birth mom, we have shared photographs, videos, letters and stories at every stage of her life and we would love to do the same for you too!  Regardless of what level of openness you chose, your baby will always be reminded of what a loving, generous and courageous person you are.  

Thank you for letting us share a piece of our lives with you and thank you for playing a part in our dream of having a family.